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Cover Letter - Facebook

Hi there.

I'm Madeline and I'd like to help you grow your relationships with news and media organizations.

With more than 7 years of experience across digital media, journalism, and technology, I specialize in helping organizations systematically and strategically build strong partnerships.

At my current company, I built a scalable marketing system from scratch. When I joined, 10% of leads came from marketing. Now 67% of our contracts were sourced by marketing efforts. To make this happen, I work closely on a daily basis with my colleagues across Design and Product, as well as with external partners. 

Working on news or media partnerships at Facebook is a fantastic opportunity to bring my partnerships and project management experience back to the media industry that first brought me to New York. Through my years of editorial and freelance work, as well as my graduate degree in journalism, I have been immersed in the media and news worlds. I’ve always been keenly interested in how technology can be harnessed to better aid journalism - while completing my graduate degrees I received a Magic Grant from the Brown Institute of Media Innovation to work on a communication app for journalists and was awarded a Google grant to develop a media crowdsourcing platform.

As Director of Marketing at a SaaS data analytics company, I have extensive experience in both product marketing and building strategic partnerships.  I’ve worked closely with our product team to research, launch and communicate about new features and modules. Not only have I sourced numerous partnerships for my company, but I also built our partnership with a major software company into our most lucrative channel. Our partner has been so delighted with the relationship that they named us a 2017 Partner of the Year (we beat out 150+ other, much larger companies for this honor).

I think we could build something great together. If you do too, let's start the conversation.